Frequently asked Questions

Why should I order your beer pong balls?

  • 40mm ping pong balls (that's regulation size)
  • Seamless (no indention running around the center)
  • Available in over 10 different colors, including glow in the dark!
  • In business for 38 years
  • Bulk order discounts
  • We love balls


We do NOT have:

  • Set up fees
  • Plate fees
  • Proofing fees
  • Small Minimum orders for full color prints

Will the ping pong balls you get have our logo on them?

No, unless you want it on there.

How big will my image be on the ball?

Your image will be approximately 7/8" in diameter.

What color ping pong balls do you offer?

We offer blue, Light Blue, pink, orange, green, red, gold, silver, white, dark purple, and GLOW IN THE DARK beer pong balls! (all 40mm seamless ping pong balls).

The pong balls are not dyed, dyed balls suck: they are very weak in color which makes them look cheap or homemade; the term in the industry is "true color." We have our manufacturers mix the coloring with the plastic before the balls are made.

Where are your balls made?

We are proud to say that all of our balls are printed in the USA and shipped from Long Island, New York

How long will it take to get my beer pong balls?

In most cases your beer pong balls will be shipped within 3-5 days. However, during particuarly busy times orders may take up to 10 business days to ship. Ground shipping generally takes about 1-3 days on top of that (we ship from Medford, NY).

You can choose to upgrade your shipping for an additional fee.

If you need your order by a particular date, you can pay for rush processing and we will work to your timeline to get your order to you in time.

How do you play Beer Pong?

Check our rules and info page here.

There are plenty of different variations so be sure to submit your own rules to be added to our site!

Why would I even get custom beer pong balls?

Custom beer pong balls are a great promotional tool for bar owners, convenience stores, and delivery restaurants. No one throws them away! You can buy custom beer pong balls for your apartment, parties, band, or special events. They also make great gifts for any ping pong or beer pong player in your life.

What is your return policy?

We cannot take returns on items that have been personalized. We cannot accept a return unless the package was damaged in shipping. We will, however, accept any returns for any reason on any non-printed products from 30 days from date of sale. You will be required to pay shipping costs to return the item to us.

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